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Perfect Cacao Protein Shake Balance

Perfect Cacao Protein Shake Balance

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Product Details

Perfect Cacao Protein Shake Balance


Perfect Cacao Protein Shake Balance is a pouch that is sufficient for one meal as it contains high protein and dietary fiber

19g high protein shake

Crispy chocolate topping and rich chocolate taste

Containing high protein, high dietary fiber, goat milk protein, vitamins & minerals





280g (40g x 7 pouches)

Nutritional Information

Sodium 230 mg 11%, Vitamin A 175ug RE 25%, 15 grams of carbs 5% ,vitamin B1 0.3mg 25%, sugars 3g 3%, Vitamin B2 0.35 mg 25%, 4g of dietary fiber 14%, Niacin 3.75mg NE 25%, province 1.3g 2%, Vitamin B6 0.38 mg 0g 25%, 0g trans fat, Folic acid 100ug 25%, 0.9 g saturated fat 6%, Vitamin C 25 mg 25%, Cholesterol 2 mg 1%, Vitamin E 2.75mg -TE 25%, protein 19g 35%, calcium 72mg 10%, iron content 1.2mg 10%, zinc 0.85mg 10%

The percentage (%) of the daily nutritional component standard is based on 2,000 kcal, so it may vary depending on the individual's calorie needs.


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