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Daily Prevent Hair Loss and Nourishing Smooth as Silk Set

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Product Details

Daily Prevent Hair Loss and Combat Itchy Scalp Set. The easiest home scalp care kit.
  • STOP & PREVENT HAIR LOSS: Histemo Ion-to E Hair Essence contains DHT (hair loss causing hormone) blocking element, Copper Peptides! So it will not only provide a silky smooth hair but also strengthen your hair follicles.
  • ELIMINATE AND PREVENT DANDRUFF: NIACIN, AKA Vitamin B3, helps prevent dry hair and dandruff development by locking in moisture. More specifically, niacin has been shown in clinical studies to target DNA repair, which could include potential DNA damage concerning your scalp and hair.
  • THICKER HAIR GROWTH: Boost hair follicle health with BIOTIN, which provides an abundance of nutrition to the scalp, enhances stronger and thicker hair growth. Stop hair thinning and shedding.
  • BEST SHAMPOO FOR OILY HAIR & SCALP: At Histemo, our mission is to make the most effective product for hair loss prevention and scalp care with 12 different plant-based growth factor ingredients and combine them with a data-driven scientific formula. Histemo Ultra Scalp Care Shampoo is the #1 product in Korea for oily hair & scalp that will genuinely deliver results
  • GLOSSY HAIR REINFORCEMENT: With 8 types of Amino acids, our nutritioner will enhance your hair's glossiness by restoring damaged hair follicles. This is why it's called "NUTRITIONER" - (to give the right nutrition to your scalp and hair!) Our Nutritioner is safe to use directly on your scalp. Use our Nutritioner as a deep conditioning hair mask!


This bundle contains 3 items

1 of Histemo Ultra Scalp Care Shampoo, DHT Blocking Hair Restoration, Promote Hair Growth with Biotin & Prevent Hair Loss, for Men & Women with Oily Scalp or Colored Treated Hair (8.45 oz)

1 of Histemo Ultra Scalp Care Conditioner, Nutritioner with DHT Blocker for Thinning Hair, Promote Thicker Growth with Biotin & Panthenol, Hair Regrowth & Hair Loss Protection for Men & Women (6.7 oz)

1 of Histemo ION-TO E Restoring Hair Essence, Anti-Frizz Hydration for Damaged or Color-Treated Hair, Cuticle & UV Protection Serum, Prevent & Stop Hair Loss with Active Growth Factors (3.38 oz)

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