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Histemo ION-TO G Hair Tonic

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Product Details

ION-TO G Hair Tonic

    • Hair loss can be distressing. That is why Histemo has created a serum that helps stimulate hair growth and is clinically proven to work. The scalp serum for hair growth is applied topically and works by inhibiting the synthesis of DHT. In addition, it stimulates your scalp by increasing the synthesis of elastin and collagen which prevent inflammation due to tissue damage.

      It is the best scalp serum for the prevention of hair loss and thinning since it is also formulated with bFGF and VEGF, growth factor hormones that promote the regeneration of cells. You can expect your hair to grow fuller and stronger over time.

      • ✅ BETTER TOGETHER: Hair loss prevention is a science, we've done the research and we've got results; Using the Histemo line of products Together is Much More Effective than only using one; Check out our bundles to see our recommended combinations for the best over all treatment to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss
      • ✅ FASTER HAIR REGROWTH FOR MEN & WOMEN: With Growth Factor Proteins (bFGF, VEGF) in high concentrations that promote cell regeneration, Ion-to G is an effective solution for hair rejuvenation; These proteins are critical in supporting the look of fuller, healthy hair
      • ✅ SUPPRESSES HAIR LOSS with DHT Blocker: With Copper Peptides, Ion-to G Hair Tonic suppresses hair loss by inhibiting DHT synthesis; It also increases the biosynthesis of new collagen and elastin to make scalp tissue healthy and prevents inflammation from tissue damages
      • ✅ TOP 3 AMINO ACIDS FOR OPTIMUM KERATIN PRODUCTION: About 88% of your hair is composed of the protein keratin; For our body to produce keratin, it requires specific types of amino acids; An adequate level of different amino acids leads to an optimum keratin production, which, in turn, boosts hair growth; Histemo Ion-to G Hair Tonic contains these Top 3 Amino Acids for faster hair growth
      • ✅ STRONGER, THICKER HAIR: With Biotin and Vitamin B5, Ion-to G boosts hair follicle health by providing an abundance of nutrition to the scalp, enhancing thick hair growth for stronger, thicker hair; Stop your hair thinning and shedding today.

20 ml x 4 ea

Apply suitable amount gently on the desired area of scalp and massage to be absorbed.

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