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Firming Lift Cream Mask Sheets - 5 sheets | Brightening Wrinkle Repair

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Product Details

Firming Lift Cream Mask Sheets | Brightening Wrinkle Repair

Brightening wrinkle repair functional cosmetics

Rich cream type base + Elastic sheet + Wrapping effect tripe combination

  • Lavien Firming Lift Cream Mask sheet is suitable for all skin types. Recommended for those looking for anti-aging mask sheets.
  • Suitable for night use.

Lavien Firming Lift Cream Mask, also known as the "wrapting" (wrapping + lifting) mask sheet, is a rich cream-type mask sheet with an elastic sheet to perfectly wrap and fit your face. It targets 6 areas - lifting, elasticity, wrinkle improvement, intensive moisturization, brightening, and provides supple skin.
(There are 5 sheets in a box.) 

The rate of sagging skin increases over time, take care of your skin now before it’s too late!

All-in-one care with a single sheet mask

Also known as the wrapping sheet mask

1- Enriched cream effect. The rich cream is contained in the inner part of the sheet.

2- Tightly hugs your skin! It does not easily fall off.

3- Wrapping mask with great absorption. Easily absorbed into the skin.

4- Smear-free. The outer layer is not coated with cream so it does not smear onto hair.

5- Easy to use. No content left in the pouch.

Skincare in 6 areas:

1- Lifting

2- Elasticity

3- Wrinkle repair

4- Intensive Moisturisation

5- Brightening

6- Soft skin

This is recommended to these types of skin:

-Hard to distinguish between chin and neck

-Feels like your face is sagging

-Looks sad because of drooping eyes

-Feels like there is a piece of candy in your mouth

-Skin does not restore easily pressed

-Skin always feels tight regardless of skincare products

-Lazy to try different treatments


Key points of the mask sheets

  1. Enriched cream effect - Rich cream contained in the inner part of the sheet
  2. Tightly hugs your skin - Adheres tightly to your face and does not fall off
  3. Great absorption - The cream is easily absorbed into the skin
  4. Smear-free - The outer layer of the mask is not coated with cream so it does not smear onto hair or other body parts.
  5. Easy to use - As the cream is on the inside of the mask, there will be little content left in the pouch. 

Aside from other key ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Hydrolysed Collagen, Glutathione and Trehalose, there is also a special ingredient added, Pumpkin Extract, which is a rich source of Vitamin A, E and C.

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