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Derma Ceramide Four Ten Cream | Hydrate | Brighten | Wrinkle care

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Product Details

Derma Ceramide Four Ten Cream

Derived from 40 moist complex, such as bamboo, oat, pomogranate, apple, apricot seed, sheer butter, seaweed, match green tea, quinoa seeds, kale leaf extract, and etc., this cream is a powerful moisturizer specialized in deep hydration, whitening, and wrinkle care.  Use with essence or ampoule for better results.


How to use

1. Take an appropriate amount and apply an appropriate amount on the cheeks, forehead, and chin as much as the index finger.

2.  Gently roll along the skin texture from the inside of the face to the outside for absorption.

3.  Tap lightly to feel that it is filled into the skin.

4.  Apply one more time to the areas that need intensive care.

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