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Celltiara Pristine Ampoule Mask

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Product Details

Celltiara Pristine Ampoule Mask

It uses human stem cell culture fluid, the key ingredients, Fucoidan, and fish collagen, which are natural ingredients obtained from brown algae such as kelp and seaweed, to fill the skin with vital energy, increasing skin moisture and restoring healthy radiance.

Recommended to these people:

~Wants to have healthy, glowing skin.

~Wants safe hypoallergenic basic cosmetics.

~Wants to have firm skin with one use of the mask. 


On an important day, Celtiara!

Are you facing an important day? When it is dangerous to use any cosmetics, we recommend the Cell Tiara Ampoule Mask, which comfortably soothes the skin and makes the skin firm with just one use. On an important day, for you who will shine even more...



Stem cell culture solution stock solution 3,000ppm
Celltiara uses a 'pure stock solution', a human stem cell culture medium.
Cell Tiara Pristine Ampoule contains 3,000 ppm of human stem cell culture 'pure stock', not diluted solution.

What is 'Human Stem Cell Culture Medium'?
As a culture product produced during the process of culturing and proliferating stem cells, it contains cytokines, fibronectin, and collagen, which are useful ingredients for human skin, so it is in the spotlight as a raw material for premium cosmetics.

Results of evaluation test for whitening and wrinkle improvement effects of stem cell culture

1. Reduction of intracellular melanin production
Stem cell culture solution reduces melanin production by 49%, making the skin white and bright.

2. Increase of intracellular collagen production
Stem cell culture medium has an excellent anti-wrinkle effect by increasing intracellular collagen production.


POINT 2: soy protein sheet

Eco-friendly fiber made by extracting protein from soybeans
Healthy and comfortable soy protein sheet
It contains soybeans as the main ingredient and various effective ingredients. The air permeability is 4 times higher than that of general fibers, and it prevents skin aging and minimizes skin damage.


POINT 3: fucoidan protein
Check out the excellent moisturizing power of fucoidan mucilage.

Fucoidan protein extracted from natural seaweed

What is fucoidan?
It is a slippery mucilage contained in brown algae such as seaweed, kelp, and mozuku. It has self-healing power. It is also known to have anticancer effects. When used as a cosmetic, it has excellent skin-soothing and moisturizing effects.


POINT 4: fish collagen protein

Fish collagen protein extracted from the scales of Tilapia, a clean fish
Fish collagen protein, an elasticity factor found in fish
77% of the skin is collagen,
After the age of 20, collagen gradually decreases. You have to replenish what you lose.
Help low molecular fabric collagen, skin elasticity and gloss, easy to penetrate skin penetration.


POINT 5: 3 types of bio detox

Change of pores through bio detox
3 types of bio detox with pore cleansing effect
bio detox protect the skin from contaminants
Activates the detoxification system.
Has a pore-cleaning effect
It also has the effect of narrowing the pores.


POINT 6: 6 natural origins extract

6 natural extracts to reduce hot flushes

What causes facial flushing?
This is because the capillaries dilate and expand due to skin irritation.
Soothes the skin composed of licorice, mugwort, ginkgo biloba, centella asiatica, blueberry, and rosehip fruit.
6 natural extracts
Reduces hot flashes.


How to use it?

Step 1 : Spread it out well so that the essence is absorbed well into the sheet, and then carefully tear the top of the sheet.

Step 2 : Spread the folded sheet well in both hands.

Step 3 : After attaching the sheet with the mesh facing up, remove the mesh slowly.

Step 4: Attach the sheet for about 20 minutes.

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