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BR Waterfull White Spicule Cream 10ml

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Product Details

BR Waterfull White Spicule Cream 10ml

72 hours miracle! vial white spicule for sensitive, acne prone type, trouble skin

Sensitive trouble skin care at once
The cream-type fine spicule from the ocean into the skin to gently penetrate into the skin to provide continuous stimulation.  It provides continuous stimulation to the skin and promotes the exfoliation of dead skin cells, helping to improve the skin ultimately.

A comfortable, non-irritating home care that calms the sensitive airways and improves the skin to be firm and lively.  
Recommended for those who :
Skin in need of trouble-free treatment without irritation
Sensitive skin that needs soothing
Skin you want to improve with smooth texture
> S
kin that needs improvement of wrinkles and blemishes


What is spicule?
A needle-shaped natural extract that has purified the spq of sponges living in the clean sea.  Penetrates into the dermis layer to catch the cause of acne in the skin for 72 hours and has anti-inflammatory sebum control and soothing action.
After 72 hours, it naturally exfoliates along with dead skin cells and effectively treats recurrent acne and inflammatory acne.

What other ingredients used?
BR Waterfull White Spicule cream is filled with only good ingredients-

Centella asiaica, Squalane, Arginine, Argan kernel oil, Olive oil, Grape seed oil, 
Apricot seed oil, Sunflower seed oil, sunflower seed oil, 
Kelp, Sea grape, Ecklonia cava, Green laver, Sea mustard

Spicule is a sponge animal from the clean sea, and fine needles are applied to the skin. Penetrates gently to allow the dead skin cells to come off.
This product is made in a cream type. When applying the cream, due to the nature of the product, you may feel a little scratchy. It is a normal product, so please use it with confidence. After application, there are cases where the skin becomes red. Please note that this is a temporary phenomenon and is not a side effect.


For all skin type
Made in Korea

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