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Tooth Whitener Gel

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Product Details

Tooth Whitener Gel

Made in the USA. By Dentists, For You! 

New, even more effective formula with 50% more whitening strength and enhanced stability.

LINHART Tooth Whitener Gel is the perfect supplement to your everyday toothpaste. Just add a drop of our smooth mint peroxide-based gel on top of your normal toothpaste, and brush normally.

It offers an effective, stable, and easy-to-use tooth whitening formula that fits into your everyday routine. 

For optimum health and whitening, use our LINHART Toothpaste and Antibacterial Nano-Silver Toothbrush.

(1.7 oz tube)

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Toothpaste with Linämel | Made by the Linhart family dentists, Linhart oral care keep things simple by bringing smile care back to basics, with four ingredients that strengthen your teeth from the inside out. There’s no need to invest in standard store-bought products packed with unhealthy chemicals.

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