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Celltiara Pristine Ampoule

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Product Details

Celltiara Pristine Ampoule

Stem cell culture solution contains undiluted solution, which delays skin aging and helps whitening and wrinkle improvement.

Pristine Ampoule. Stem cell culture stock solution containing 100% skin confidence that fills with just one bottle.

~Wrinkle Improvement




What is Celtiara Pristine Ampoule?

It is a functional ampoule with a refreshing formulation that helps whitening and wrinkle improvement with a dual stem cell ampoule blended with stem cell culture stock solution and plant stem cells (pea protein)

1. Stem Cell Culture Stock. Solution 50,000 ppm. Helps skin whitening and wrinkle improvement.

2. Pea Protein Extract. Promotes collagen synthesis, improves skin elasticity. 

3. Non-sticky formula. A fresh, high-functional ampoule that can be used on all skin types without stickiness.


What is a stem cell culture medium?

As a culture-generating material produced during the process of culturing and proliferating stem cells, it contains cytokines, fibronectin, and collagen, which are useful ingredients for human skin, so it is in the spotlight as a raw material for premium cosmetics.


Why use the stock solution?

1 - Raw active ingredient
2 - Possessing a large amount of growth factors that are good for the skin
3 - Undiluted Stem Cell Culture Stock Solution
4 - Stem cell culture solution without preservative treatment

There are many companies that use stem cell culture medium, but few use ‘pure stock solution’.


~Strengthen skin barrier

~Increase skin elasticity

~Keep skin moisturized


Pea Protein Extract

It is a very effective ingredient for aging skin, sensitive skin, and dry skin. With excellent anti-wrinkle and elasticity improvement, it activates stem cells and strengthens the skin barrier by promoting collagen synthesis.


Skin hypoallergenic test completed
Skin Irritation Tested

It is a product that has been tested by a nationally accredited clinical institution with strict screening standards, so you can use it with confidence even for sensitive and dry skin.

[Can be used with confidence even for sensitive and fragile skin]


Patented safe ampoule container

The glass ampoule container uses a safe plastic container that does not have to worry about shards of glass as there is a risk of injury.

[More Safer Plastic Patent Container]

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